6 Tips for Taking Advantage of Free Support

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What is Free Website Support?

Yeshourun Digital offers free website support as part of the Personal maintenance plan. This means that as a Personal plan subscriber, you can request up to four Service Requests a month and unlimited support chat through Teams. Essentially, this service allows you to discuss future & past requests, what you would like to do, and hear what we recommend. 

  1. Check with us if your Service Request idea is worth it
  2. We know your website best; ask before making a design change yourself
  3. You don’t need permission to add a blog post. Go for it!
  4. Get input about a design change you’re curious about
  5. We’re experts of design; ask us where your website design can be improved
  6. Want to add a plugin yourself? Ask us! It could break your website

The underlying message behind all six tips is that you can ask us anything about the management and design of your website; we’ll gladly help—it’s what we do everyday. Remember, Service Requests for Personal plans may be limited, but talking with us is always unlimited. Taking advantage of our expertise can increase your conversion!



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