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I came to Yeshourun with a hacked website and banned from Google Ads. In no time my website was back again. Whenever I need help, his team is there. 5 stars support.
Eli G.
Happy with Yeshourun Digital
I used to get complaints about slow loading website but finally everything is fast and no more complaining.
Israel T.
Website maintenance
Yeshourun Digital's maintenance is amazing. It's more than the hard work they put in, the support from their team is exactly what I need. I like changing things up and moving things around my website, I chat with them and the next day, everything is just the way I want it. I recommend them 100%.
Amanda S.
Happy with the support

Our clients use us for


Get instantaneous emergency help for your WordPress website with...
Hacked website
Broken elements
Deleted content
Google ban

Security & Monitoring

Keep your website secure and up-to-date with...
Uptime monitoring
Plugin updates
Theme updates
Core updates
Daily backups
General maintenance
Weekly reports
Broken link monitoring

Improving Design & Content

Keep your website relevant with...
An eCommerce solution
Landing pages
Revamping design
Content, image, page changes
Changing slides
Updating buttons
Link changes

What is website maintenance?

Regular website maintenance is what keeps your website secure and speeds it up. Your WordPress website is comprised of 3 basic things: core, theme, plugins. All three of these things are constantly updated by their authors to patch vulnerabilities, fix bugs, and add features. Most website owners don't think twice about website maintenance, but hackers definitely do. Leaving scripts outdated allows hackers to piggy back on your site's resources — delivering ads to your customers, malware, and redirecting your customers to their website, causing you to lose many customers. Google doesn't favour malware riddled websites, so that results in a ban from Google, meaning more lost customers and revenue. Website maintenance solves these issues by keeping everything up-to-date.

Yeshourun Digital secures your website, delivers content faster to your customers, and is always ready to help if you want something changed or fixed.

Never worry again

You'll never have to worry about the health of your website again. We will constantly monitor and work on improving the security and reliability of your website, so you can work on running your business.

Optimized for speed

A 1 second delay in your site speed results in a 7% reduction in conversions⁽¹⁾. We will improve your WordPress speed by updating your core, themes, and plugins, adding a CDN, high-speed hosting, and optimizing the website code. This will result in a faster, more secure website that your customers will love.

Unlimited support

Do you want something changed, fixed, or added? You no longer have to dig up your web designer's number. Tell us what you want done and we'll take care of everything. From content to design changes, Yeshourun Digital has got your back. Think of us as your personal IT team.

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