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One-time Installments

Prices are estimates and will vary depending on project requirements.

$10,000 $3,333.33
USDUSD / month - 3 payments
3-months of hosting and maintenance included
High quality design
Can upgrade to Enterprise maintenance
Simple logo creation
GDPR compliance and Privacy Policy
10 pages
3 simple contact forms
Reduced SEO rates provided by Search3w Inc.

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$15,000 $5,000
USDUSD / month - 3 payments
3-months of hosting and maintenance included
Higher quality design
High speed hosting + Free SSL
30 pages
CTAs on up to 10 pages
6 contact forms with 1 conditional logic form
3 promotional popups with email opt-in forms
GDPR compliance and Privacy Policy
ADA compliance with accessibility interface
Setup and installation of 1 Google Analytics property
Light graphic design
On-page SEO + reduced SEO rates from Search3w Inc.
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Social Networks
If your requirements exceed what's offered in the Zoomer and Grower plans, please contact us.
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How do I pay?

You can pay with credit/debit card, bank transfer, or cheque.

We accept only credit/debit cards for installments. Installments are charged automatically every month for the 3-month duration.*


* Exemptions may apply for Custom plans.

What happens after the website is designed?

We usually finish designing a website in 2-3 weeks, but our support period is 3 months, no matter what plan you choose, so if you want anything changed, you have another 2½ months beyond website completion of complimentary support.

How long will I have support for?

Our support period is 3 months so if you want anything changed, you have another 2½ months beyond website completion of complimentary support. For the duration of the 3-month support period, your hosting and maintenance is included, free of charge.


Even after the support period, we will always answer phone calls and emails.

What happens after the support period?

We find that the 3-month support period is the perfect amount of time for most people to get all their questions answered and make sure is everything is to their liking.

  • 2-3 weeks for planning & design
  • 2½ months after website completion of complimentary support, hosting, and maintenance

If after the 3-month period you have any questions or concerns, we are always available via phone, email, and live chat. Any work can be done by registering for a maintenance plan or on an hourly-basis.

After the support period ends:

  • Hosting starts at $30/month CAD for high-speed dedicated hosting
  • Support and maintenance starts at $199/month CAD or on an hourly-basis

What is included in the support period?

Our 3-month support period includes (as part of the website design package price):

  • Phone, email, and live chat support
  • Unlimited revisions
  • High-speed dedicated hosting
  • Maintenance

After the support period ends:

  • Hosting starts at $30/month CAD
  • Support and maintenance starts at $199/month CAD or on an hourly-basis

When can we get started?

24 hours past registration, a member of our onboarding team will be in touch with you to continue on to the next steps. All in all, onboarding takes 1-2 days.

Do you offer 24/7 support?

Yes! We include 24/7 support for all Website plans.

How much does it cost?

Website plans start as low as $3,333.33/mo USD paid in installments over a 3-month period or $10,000 USD one-time.

What kind of support options do you offer?

We offer live chat, phone, Teams, and our portal ticketing system.

Will my website have downtime?

While we cannot guarantee 100% uptime, and you should be wary of anyone who does, we boast 99.99% uptime because of our partnership with Smilii who provides us with strong servers, CDN, DDoS protection, monitoring, and maintenance.


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We know you'll enjoy faster websites and increased conversions as much as they do.
I used to get complaints about...slow loading website but finally everything is fast and no more complaining.

Israel T.


It's all about the online presence especially now and Yeshourun made sure we were ready. We're very happy! Our clients can't stop complimenting our new design. So yes we recommend Yeshourun.

Shayne D.

Marketing Specialist

I wanted to sell flowers online so I made a Wix website, but the best I could do wasn't so good. I found Yeshourun on Instagram and 1 month later, my website is making more sales than my shop. I recommend Yeshourun to all my customers!

Lauren W.

Small Business Owner

I came to Yeshourun with a hacked website and banned from Google Ads. In no time my website was back again. Whenever I need help, his team is there. 5 stars support.

Eli G.


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Cloud Hosting

Our managed Cloud Hosting is lightning fast and secure, so you never have to worry about downtime, crashes, or loss of data. We work on AWS servers, the same servers Netflix, LinkedIn, and more, use.


Secure your website with 256-bit encryption, provided free by Yeshourun Digital. A secure website is very important for maintaining trust with customers and Google.


Speed up your content delivery with a high-speed global CDN. Personal plans have two CDN options, whereas Business and above always receive Pro.

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