Is Website Maintenance Worth It?

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Your website is a platform to share information on the internet. It allows online users to explore what you or your business offers and how it can help them. In the background of your website, an intricate mesh of code runs the show. Each patch of code interacts with the other, and a failure in one may lead to the breakdown of the website. However, regular website maintenance may help prevent such issues from arising. Think of website maintenance like insurance – it helps in emergencies. Read on to explore why it’s a worthy investment.


User Experience

Whether it’s the navigation, buttons, graphics, or text, everything on your website is catered to attracting and retaining a user. If the user has trouble with any of the website components, you may risk losing them. Why is this a big deal?

If your website advertises your business’ services or products, you’ll miss out on valuable sales. Additionally, it’ll create a negative impression of your online presence and, in turn, your brand image. The user surely won’t tell you about any problems, but subscribing to a monthly website maintenance plan will help identify bugs in your website that you may not know existed, which can then be remedied. The user can then navigate your website with ease and have no complaints.



The number of mobile users has increased rapidly worldwide due to advances in broadband technology and mobile devices. Website designers tend to overlook the fact that their website needs to run on multiple platforms and may trade off speed for a complex user interface. This is a critical error, as today’s users, with short attention spans, do not wait more than a few seconds for a website to load.

If users gets frustrated with your website, they may look for other alternatives that satisfy their needs. This has the potential for you to lose prospective clients for your business as well, but more importantly, speed is one of the metrics by which Google ranks websites.

If your landing page gets a visitor from search results but they leave due to a lagging website, your website bounce will increase. A higher bounce rate may correspond to a lower search engine rank. Issues concerning speed can be brought forward to website support technicians who can tweak your website to run smoothly on all devices.



Nowadays, it is easy for anyone to build a website using platforms like WordPress, Squarespace and Wix. Many website owners do not know the criticality of securing their website from foreign attacks and often take website security very lightly. 

The dynamic functionality of websites today is attributed to scripts. They enable users to share information and interact with a website. Hackers are always on the lookout to exploit vulnerabilities in these scripts. Therefore, websites require constant updates to spot these vulnerabilities and require proactive actions to prevent malware attacks, SQL injections, and breaches in privacy. A website maintenance plan with measures like updating applications, plugins, and software, building a firewall, or malware scanning may help prevent costly website support charges and breaches in security.

Suppose a website becomes notorious for lousy security in the online sphere. In that case, potential customers will keep away from it due to fears of having their private information stolen or their systems becoming hijacked.



When a user searches for something on a search engine, they get countless results. The search engine’s job is to display websites with relevant content for the thing the user searched. Most users don’t go beyond the first few pages, so  it becomes imperative that their website lands on them. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the way to do it for unpaid, organic traffic.

Search engines like Google keep an eye on your website using web crawlers to interpret your website and keep it in their database. When a user searches for something and your website performs well on all of their metrics that determine quality, it will rank higher in search results.

Search engines like google help you monitor and evaluate your website’s visitors with features like Google Analytics. Having a website maintenance strategy that considers your website’s performance will significantly improve your outcome on search results. It will enable you to understand what kind of changes are required on your website to attract more visitors and retain them.



Most small website owners tend to take a do-it-yourself approach when maintaining their websites. It can become a costly affair in terms of website support if they do not have the proper know-how to fix any problems. They may even end up causing their websites break down. The best course of action is to outsource these problems to trained professionals who have the necessary knowledge to tackle these problems and make your website stand out. Fortunately, Yeshourun Digital provides a free maintenance plan for personal use, enabling a firm footing for your website to evolve and grow in the online sphere.



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