Increasing conversions is more than just a pipe dream. Yeshourun Digital raises conversions up to 30% by doing things that Google has been advocating for since day one:


  1. Simple, elegant design
  2. Accessible content through design
  3. Keeping your website secure from hacking
  4. Speeding up your website


There’s a bit more to it than that, but all the points boil down to those four main ones. Although some of these things are easier said than done. For example, attaining a high Google PageSpeed score for both mobile and desktop is ridiculously hard, even for seasoned web design veterans.


WordPress Speed

A regular WordPress site usually consists of a minimum of 5-10 plugins and that’s on the low side. All these plugins are developed by different authors and they are all active on your site to provide solutions for things every business needs; spam prevention, contact forms, marketing, sliders, and more, all patched together to form the tapestry that is your business’s online presence. The issue with this is that all of these scripts add bloat to your website, not to mention vulnerabilities that are up to the author to patch—or not.


Dedicated IT Team

For your website to function the way your users need it to, you need a team of people debugging issues and making sure that these plugins play nice with each other and your theme. More often than not, the average businessperson is out of their depth when it comes to the running of their website—and we don’t blame them. Larger corporations can afford to hire an IT team to make their online presence run smoothly while they take care of the everyday running of business, but a regular startup or small business can’t afford to pay the salaries of 3-5 tech professionals.


The Yeshourun Digital Difference

Yeshourun Digital is your IT team. We monitor your website for any vulnerabilities and fix anything that’s broken. We’re constantly on call and ready to assist at a moments notice. Now more than ever, your business’s online presence could mean the difference between sinking and making it. Don’t leave the fate of your business to chance. Working with Yeshourun Digital is an investment that always returns greater sales, lower bounce rates, and more satisfied customers.


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